Since the kick-off, all partners of the Storage4Grid project are intensely working to rapidly start the cooperation on all the analysis, development and experimental activities.

In the early weeks of the project, the plan foresees intense activities leading to the formalization of the driving scenarios and use cases pursued by the project. This is a first step leading to subsequent requirements engineering activities and therefore to specification and development of all components defined in the Storage4Grid concept.

Storage4Grid will publicly release a large amount of outcomes, results and lessons learned, aiming at helping the broader community of interested stakeholders in maximizing the uptake and diffusion of intelligent storage systems, thus helping society in better exploiting available Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

In order to maximize relevance of proposed results, Storage4Grid features an External Stakeholders Group (ESG) i.e. a team of experts ensuring that project results are relevant for all interested stakeholders and society as a whole.

If you are interested, you can apply for a place in the ESG. Find out more on the open Call for ESG Members page.