The Storage4Grid project has officially appointed another new member of the External Stakeholder Group (ESG). He is:

Gernot Graefe holds a PhD in Strategic Marketing. Being with Siemens he held various roles in Business Development, Innovation Management and Technical Sales in the last 15 years. Since 2017 Gernot is Managing Director at egrid. egrid develops intelligent solutions for the decentralized integration of renewable energies in distribution grids.

In particular Gernot Graefe is interested in new business models that are enabled by innovative technologies. Considering user requirements is equally important to make innovation successful.

ESG members will play a key role in keeping the Storage4Grid vision aligned with the strategies of storage providers and the opportunities raising from new developments in Energy Storage technologies and systems. Gernot is not only interested in innovative technologies. He aims to review business models that are enabled making use of technologies under development as well as the consideration of user requirements.

More information on the External Stakeholders Group (ESG) page.