The Storage4Grid project has officially appointed another new member of the External Stakeholder Group (ESG). He is:

Fabio L. Bellifemine, PMP, is a senior project manager at Telecom Italia where he is currently responsible for the Innovation Project on Energy Ecosystem. He is a senior member of IEEE and a member of the Board of Directors of Energy@home Association that he launched in 2012 and directed until February 2016. His research activities focus on smart metering and post-meter value added services, including smart home and energy aggregation. He is a subject matter expert of the committee that is developing the technical specifications of the meter to in-home devices protocol of the Italian second generation electric smart metering system according to the mandate of the Italian Energy Authority. His previous research interest was in the field of software agent technology. In this field he launched the JADE Open Source Project and he led the Architecture Board of FIPA, Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents, an international alliance of companies which developed technology standards in this field.

ESG members will play a key role in keeping the Storage4Grid vision aligned with the strategies of storage providers and the opportunities raising from new developments in Energy Storage technologies and systems. Specifically, he has already provided the project with a good coverage of available Energy Storage systems for different scales and applications.

More information on the External Stakeholders Group (ESG) page.