Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 1 (SO1)

Engage with private and professional end users in order to secure acceptance of the S4G solutions.

Strategic Objective 2 (SO2)

Develop a business model framework involving relevant actors such as individual prosumers, storage technology providers, service providers, Distribution Systems Operators (DSOs), Energy Service Companies, ESCOs, etc. supporting a number of business cases involving storage at user premises, Electrical Vehicles (EV), storage at substation level.

Strategic Objective 3 (SO3)

Within the business ecosystem outlined in SO1, extend available insight on the potentials of storage technologies so to help decision makers in defining investment strategies.

Strategic Objective 4 (SO4)

Provide inputs to on-going standardization activities in the area of storage modelling, testing and control, so to foster an eco-system of vendors, service providers, private and professional storage users.

Strategic Objective 5 (SO5)

Provide a set of cyber-security guidelines and policies for operating storage systems involving users data and preferences (i.e. EVs, ESS at user premises) handling correctly privacy- and security-related aspects.