External Stakeholders Group ESG

S4G engages an External Stakeholder Group (ESG) i.e. a group of external, independent experts of recognized knowledge in different kind of background and area of expertise including market, technological trends and standards. The ESG will be constructed properly representing all domains and market roles relevant for the S4G goals, including above all representatives of industries providing storage solutions, but also experts in metering, utilities, international standardization, privacy.

ESG experts are selected and officially appointed by the Storage4Grid Project General Assembly. To collect ESG recommendations and advises, a minimum of two on-line webinars and two physical meetings will be organized throughout the duration of the project. The first meetings will be focused on requirement, while latter meetings will be exploited to collect feedback about proposed concepts and generated results.

Current Members

Ilaria Rosso

Chief Innovation Officer, Electro Power Systems Group

Co-founder of Electro Power Systems, Ilaria leads Innovation activities of Electro Power Systems Group, specialized in hybrid-storage solutions and microgrids that enable intermittent renewable sources to be transformed into a stable power source.

PhD in Chemistry, 10 years researcher at University and Politecnico di Torino, since 2002 Ilaria has published more than 50 scientific papers at industry conferences and within international journals focusing on the chemical processes involved in hydrogen technologies. Since 2014 she has been member of the Coordination Group of Hydrogen Europe, and has cooperated with the European Commission and the Research Grouping N.ERGHY in supporting research, technological development and demonstration activities in fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe, in the frame of the FCH-JU program.

Torben H.E. Christensen

Technical Sales and Service Manager Scandinavia, Fronius Danmark ApS

Torben H.E. Christensen worked in the power electronics industry since 1982 and the last 20 years worked in photovoltaics. In 2014 Fronius opened a subsidiary in Denmark to support its development of the Scandinavian market with Torben H.E. Christensen as Technical Manager.

The Solar Energy Division of Fronius has been involved in photovoltaics since 1992 and sells its products through a global network of sales partners. Exceptional products and services are what make the Fronius Solar Energy Division the quality leader in the global market and a model of sustainability. Torben H.E. Christensen is also board member of Dansk Solcelleforening.

Luigi Crema

Delegated CTO, Green Energy Storage s.r.l.

Involved in Green Energy Storage with delegated role as CTO. Responsible for the development programme of the company and management of all technical activities. Head of ARES - Applied Research on Energy Systems, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Responsible of research on Energy in Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento.

Active roles in Europe on energy themes such as Redox Flow Batteries, Concentrated Solar Power, Hydorgen and Fuel Cells. Vice chair Energy Pillar, N.ERGHY research grouping, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking Member of EERA, European Energy Research Alliance. Member of the extended Italian board at support of H2020 programme. Involved at European and National levels on Energy policies and programmes, including the preparation of the National Strategic plan on Hydrogen mobility. Coordinator of several EU funded projects (e.g. DIGESPO, EDEN and running CH2P), involved in big EU initiatives such as FET Flagship Graphene, KIC Raw Materials, KIC ICT, STAGE STE IRP and INSHIP ECRIA. Invited expert by European Commission in several initiatives.

Mike Giulianini

Chief Technical Officer, RedFlow

Mike heads Redflow’s systems engineering department, assisting system integrators with using Redflow’s ZBM in energy storage systems. He has more than 16 years of experience as a systems engineer, having held several management and executive positions. He has supervised and managed a multitude of projects in energy storage, renewables integration and defence telecommunications.

Mike has attained his Laurea Magistrale in electronic engineering, a PhD related to organic photovoltaics from the Queensland University of Technology and a graduate certificate in research commercialisation.

Zaid Al-Jassim

Development Engineer, Dansk Energi (Danish energy association)

Zaid Al-Jassim holds an MSc degree in electrical engineering, specialized in electrical energy systems. Currently, he is working as a development engineer at the Danish energy association (Dansk Energi). His main focus is the development of future energy systems and smart grids.

The Danish Energy Association is a non commercial lobby organization for Danish energy companies. It is managed and financed by its member companies, mainly the electricity companies, and works to secure for them the freest and most favorable conditions for competition and development to ensure development, growth and well-being in Denmark. Zaid have been involved in a number of R&D projects such as IDE4L, Smart City Kalundborg (SCK) and NetVind.

Fabio L. Bellifemine

Member of the Board, Energy@home Association

Fabio L. Bellifemine, PMP, is a senior project manager at Telecom Italia where he is currently responsible for the Innovation Project on Energy Ecosystem. He is a senior member of IEEE and a member of the Board of Directors of Energy@home Association that he launched in 2012 and directed until February 2016. His research activities focus on smart metering and post-meter value added services, including smart home and energy aggregation.

He is a subject matter expert of the committee that is developing the technical specifications of the meter to in-home devices protocol of the Italian second generation electric smart metering system according to the mandate of the Italian Energy Authority. His previous research interest was in the field of software agent technology. In this field he launched the JADE Open Source Project and he led the Architecture Board of FIPA, Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents, an international alliance of companies which developed technology standards in this field.

Enrique Troncoso

Low Carbon Energy & Transport Solutions, Systeng Consulting

Enrique Troncoso has worked with energy storage technologies and their implementation on grid and microgrid applications for over 15 years.

He has developed and led several R&D and demonstration projects in this area, including techno-economic analyses and development of business cases for implementation of energy storage technologies into grid applications (e.g. provision of ancillary services).

Dr. Gernot Graefe

Managing Director, egrid applications & consulting GmbH

Gernot Graefe holds a PhD in Strategic Marketing. Being with Siemens he held various roles in Business Development, Innovation Management and Technical Sales in the last 15 years. Since 2017 Gernot is Managing Director at egrid. egrid develops intelligent solutions for the decentralized integration of renewable energies in distribution grids.

In particular Gernot Graefe is interested in new business models that are enabled by innovative technologies. Considering user requirements is equally important to make innovation successful.

Michele Santovito

Co-Founder and CEO, i-TES srl

Master Degree in Chemistry, after 10 years of experience in semiconductor’s industry as Facility Engineer Manager in 2009 became an independent consultant in the industrial chemistry and energy efficiency service areas. Certified as Energy Manager Expert and CMVP (International Protocol Measure & Verification), he works both directly to final customer, private and public, or supporting ESCOs. In 2016 found i-TES, innovative start-up that operates in the thermal energy storage field with a specific attention to the Phase Change Materials (PCM) and their use in heat battery and thermal management devices.

He is President of ASSOEGE, Italian association of Certified Energy Manager Experts, Member of the Board Council for Physics and Chemistry in Piedmont, Professor (external) at Industrial Chemistry Department of Turin's University.